Lavender is the New Pink (Lemonade)

When life gives you weather this hot, go to the store and make lavender lemonade! I'm absolutely in love with lavender (herb & color), so when I happened upon a recipe for lavender lemonade, I knew that the scorching weather wasn't my only reason to make a pitcher. It turned out as sweet and delicious as I'd hoped. Try it yourself!

In celebration of my new favorite summer sipper and color combo, here are two finds on my fashion want list:

via Free People

via Nine West

Keep cool!


Happy New Year...What? (And other confessions of the long lost creator of this blog)

Um, okay. It's been longer than awhile. It's been longer than quite awhile. It's been nearly 7 months since my last confession--I mean, post, but I do have a confession: I have been seeing other blogs. There. It's out! I now have 4 blogs along with the countless other social networking aka time consuming monsters of the inter-webs along with the thing that I surprisingly call my life. But I decided that I can not abandon my first born! For any followers still out there: I'm officially baaaaaaaack! Tell your mom. Tell your friends. Tell that weird neighbor of your's 2 houses down. I'll say it now to you and to myself: I won't be posting frequently*; but if you ever miss me, you can find me here, here, here and here (and probably other heres I didn't even know about). Occasionally you'll catch a glimpse of me out on the streets of Savannah.

Anywho! To kick things off, I have decided to add a new, erm, segment(?) to my blog. Introducing "What I Didn't Wear Today." This is not to be confused with "What I Wore Today" or any posts on a nudist's blog.

The concept: I will post illustrated interpretations of things I wish I was wearing but can not because they a) do not exist to my knowledge b) do not fit in a poor college girl's budget c) do not exist in my size (again, to my knowledge) or d) seem to be completely and/or morally
unattainable (i.e. a $3 vintage skirt that someone walking next to me is wearing)

Et, voila. Post no.1:

Oh, and Happy New Year!
B xx

*Non-frequent posts to include (but of course not limited to) Personal style posts, street style posts, fashion finds, random fashion related illos, rants/muses, and awkward commentary about my life. :)


Street Style Sketches: Hawaii


Aloha fashionistas and fashionistos!

I can hardly believe it, but I’m blogging today from Honolulu, Hawaii!! I’m here on family vacation until Friday. It’s so beautiful (despite the rainy weather that comes and goes)! I adore the fact that the mountains, beach, and metropolitan area are all here together. I'm used to all of them being completely different places far from each other. Needless to say, there's quite a laidback mixed with hustle and bustle feel about the city.

I wanted to share a street style look from a whale watching cruise adventure I took with my family. I’ve seen lots of laid back street looks and I loved this weather appropriate yet Hawaiian inspired look.

I’ve done a bit of shopping here and there, but I plan to check out the miles of fabulous stores around Waikiki beach. Check back for more street style sketches and/or my Hawaiian shop finds!

A hui hou (See you later)!



Steeeeeella! Part Deux

Brrrr! I hope everyone's keep warm during this chilly weeks! I just wanted to post an update of my Stella McCartney project I was working on for the Savannah scholarship gala coming up next year. Similar to what I did for the Atlanta gala (see post here), I did a line up of looks from a collection I'm currently ga-ga over. This time it's Stella McCartney's Resort 2011 collection. I find that a lot of times resort collections are those little lost gems of fashion, smaller and usually a more concise design statement.

Anywho, I hope everyone has a glorious holiday season!
If you fancy check out more of my work here and here.

Until next post,



A little doodle of a look from Stella McC's Resort 2011 collection. The collection was inspired by Savile Row tailoring and the English countryside. I wouldn't mind sitting back in one of her pieces in the English countryside with a cuppa tea right down...

Until Next Post,


A Wee Bit o Street Style For Ya

Ello, loves! I attended a friend's etching show/party last Thursday and spotted this stylista! What first caught my eye was her adorable little bag (you know I'm a sucker for tiny purses!). Click for a larger view. I love her overall look. It's perfect for a low key event without being too casual. Don't you think?

Hope everyone's having a lovely November!
Until next post,


Show n Tell

Yesterday was a busy day pour moi filled with lots of little goodies.

the day started with preparation and attendance to a scholarship luncheon. (let's just say: the cheesecake was the highlight)
outfit recipe: sugar & spice with 3 parts Target, 1 part nine west, & 1 part lucky consignment find

and later that evening, my Drawing III class' show:

moi avec mon art

and some of my classmates work:

in between times were filled with finals homework and much needed moments with my bestie. :)
until next post,


Paper People

One thing SCAD seems to get right are the visitors they book (may it be with late notice, odd timing, or cramped spaces). After the elation of Scott Shuman's (The Sartorialist) and Garance Dore's visit, this quarter's second set of guests, Kim Hastreiter and Mickey Boardman of Paper magazine, were a cherry on top. For those unfamiliar with the magazine visit www.papermag.com, or better yet run out and snag a copy NOW!

Hastreiter described the beginnings of the publication in 1984 when it was just her and partner David Hershkovits in an apartment with very little money. The first issues looked nothing like the magazine today. It started out as a large, folded, black and white poster filled with content covering art, fashion and the buzzing New York culture. Articles and photos were made by artists, not typical journalists. It was a publication for the creatives by the creatives.
Why the name Paper? Kim told the intimate crowd that she was inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of the brand Agnes B. She wanted a name that didn't define the magazine because it wasn't just an art magazine or a fashion magazine or a pop culture magazine: it was a convergence of all that inspired Kim and David.

Much of the talk consisted of Kim and Mickey's distaste of the fashion industry and I couldn't agree with their comments more. "Just because you're cute, connected, and famous does not mean you design good stuff," Kim said. "I see a lot of issues with the fashion establishment. Often they [fashion editors, buyers, etc.] don't look at the clothes; it's about who can sell more perfume." Mickey discussed his days at Parsons when they seemed to have an obsession with producing Michael Kors clones. His style was eccentric (evident from his blingy and bold chain necklace with matching leopard print jacket and sneakers. His Jackie O meets Hip Hop collection ("Jackie Ho") received "crickets." "In my spare time I'd try something they'd like," he said. "I'd put the vest over the jacket and they'd go crazy!" His best advice came from his story on how he got from Illinois with a Spanish degree to New York working in fashion: "Find someone genius [speaking of Kim] and stick to them like glue." Simple enough, eh? Take a look at the genius he speaks of and you'll instantly see why she's not your typical Anna Wintour or Amy Astley:

The talk was fascinating: there were shared tales of Kim's first dinner with the Toledos, receiving a letter from Geoffrey Beene himself and her large collection of fake designer fakes (or "cultural icons" she told us). It was so great to hear about how someone is truly making a unique mark in a world of waxy, high heeled figures and receiving praise from the typical fashion media for what she does. "It doesn't matter what you're doing," she told us. "Just so it really well and do it honestly."


Sole Searching

So excited about my new Dolce Vita for Target derby shoes! I've been searching for an affordable oxford style shoe in my size for quite awhile. I may be insane for wearing such a pointed toe with a big foot like mine, but I can't get enough of shoes with a sharp tip. Let's hope for many great outfits this fall with these babies!

until next post,


"What I'm seeing and the romantic way I see it"

Today was a busy, fabulousness filled day! It started off with my 2nd Savannah celebrity encounter. Those that follow him may already know, but The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) paid a visit to Savannah!!! I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A at the fashion building where he discussed his approach to taking photos, how he got to where he is, and inspiration (I was also lucky enough to have him sign my copy of his photo book!
The lovely, lovely bonus of his visit was Garance Dore, blogger/illustrator/photographer/all around amazing fille francaise! I was able to ask her about how she started in with fashion illustration. She answered with an inspiring tale of someone who had the door slammed in her face and told that she'll never make it. She persevered, of course, and has even worked for prestigious fashion companies such as Dior! She stressed the importance her blog had in where she is now. It allowed her to show her work and receive comments, suggestions, and praise without the pressure to please an art director. Scott ended the session by following up Garance's answer. He spoke of how having a of point of view in any creative profession was essential. Speaking of his own style, he pointed out that his photos aren't about what brands or trends the subject's wearing and he doesn't compare himself to other street style blogs. He said it's most about "what [he's] seeing and the romantic way [he] sees it."

My day kept moving in a positive direction after attending Fall Fest with the executive officers of our Fashion Illustration Club. We received a great response from students and I hope it proves for a great quarter for the club!

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Taking Flight

fly like a bird / 2010

Just a quick post to say 'ello lovelies! School's back in session and this time 'round is senior year! I'll have lots to do (and tons to share!). Hope every one's last days of summer are wrapping up nicely. I personally CANNOT wait until fall weather finally makes its way down to Savannah. We could sure use a break from the heat!
I'm hoping to get a few last summer fashionistas in my sketchbook this weekend and plan to post a couple later.

Until next post!
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