Lavender is the New Pink (Lemonade)

When life gives you weather this hot, go to the store and make lavender lemonade! I'm absolutely in love with lavender (herb & color), so when I happened upon a recipe for lavender lemonade, I knew that the scorching weather wasn't my only reason to make a pitcher. It turned out as sweet and delicious as I'd hoped. Try it yourself!

In celebration of my new favorite summer sipper and color combo, here are two finds on my fashion want list:

via Free People

via Nine West

Keep cool!


Ninja said...

Cool tip :D And I absolutely love those shoes. mmmm.

xxx Irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

Anonymous said...

I must try this lemonade, sounds delicious!


London Flower said...

Amazing outfit! Love your wedges! thank you for sharing this post.

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tdub said...

Awesome tip!

master bedroom said...

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Klaudia Muho said...

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