"What I'm seeing and the romantic way I see it"

Today was a busy, fabulousness filled day! It started off with my 2nd Savannah celebrity encounter. Those that follow him may already know, but The Sartorialist (Scott Schuman) paid a visit to Savannah!!! I was lucky enough to attend a Q&A at the fashion building where he discussed his approach to taking photos, how he got to where he is, and inspiration (I was also lucky enough to have him sign my copy of his photo book!
The lovely, lovely bonus of his visit was Garance Dore, blogger/illustrator/photographer/all around amazing fille francaise! I was able to ask her about how she started in with fashion illustration. She answered with an inspiring tale of someone who had the door slammed in her face and told that she'll never make it. She persevered, of course, and has even worked for prestigious fashion companies such as Dior! She stressed the importance her blog had in where she is now. It allowed her to show her work and receive comments, suggestions, and praise without the pressure to please an art director. Scott ended the session by following up Garance's answer. He spoke of how having a of point of view in any creative profession was essential. Speaking of his own style, he pointed out that his photos aren't about what brands or trends the subject's wearing and he doesn't compare himself to other street style blogs. He said it's most about "what [he's] seeing and the romantic way [he] sees it."

My day kept moving in a positive direction after attending Fall Fest with the executive officers of our Fashion Illustration Club. We received a great response from students and I hope it proves for a great quarter for the club!

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