Happy New Year...What? (And other confessions of the long lost creator of this blog)

Um, okay. It's been longer than awhile. It's been longer than quite awhile. It's been nearly 7 months since my last confession--I mean, post, but I do have a confession: I have been seeing other blogs. There. It's out! I now have 4 blogs along with the countless other social networking aka time consuming monsters of the inter-webs along with the thing that I surprisingly call my life. But I decided that I can not abandon my first born! For any followers still out there: I'm officially baaaaaaaack! Tell your mom. Tell your friends. Tell that weird neighbor of your's 2 houses down. I'll say it now to you and to myself: I won't be posting frequently*; but if you ever miss me, you can find me here, here, here and here (and probably other heres I didn't even know about). Occasionally you'll catch a glimpse of me out on the streets of Savannah.

Anywho! To kick things off, I have decided to add a new, erm, segment(?) to my blog. Introducing "What I Didn't Wear Today." This is not to be confused with "What I Wore Today" or any posts on a nudist's blog.

The concept: I will post illustrated interpretations of things I wish I was wearing but can not because they a) do not exist to my knowledge b) do not fit in a poor college girl's budget c) do not exist in my size (again, to my knowledge) or d) seem to be completely and/or morally
unattainable (i.e. a $3 vintage skirt that someone walking next to me is wearing)

Et, voila. Post no.1:

Oh, and Happy New Year!
B xx

*Non-frequent posts to include (but of course not limited to) Personal style posts, street style posts, fashion finds, random fashion related illos, rants/muses, and awkward commentary about my life. :)


CMA said...

what a great sketch!
this is great!
i hope you'll come visit my blog and see my posts about my journey in spain and my first look since returning to the states!


tdub said...

WOWza! Great sketch.

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