Early Morning Victory

What's a better way to start off your day than with a little bit of sweet success? My success? Finally obtaining tickets to the highly anticipated SCAD fashion show this year! Since I started scouting out SCAD as the school I wanted to attend, I wanted to go to this show! And finally...I can!
The guest of honor this year will be Diane von Furstenberg. I must start now to find a dress to wear. Maybe a wrap dress in honor of DvF?
The show is also the day of my dear mother's birthday, so mommy dearest will be my date for the evening. Pictures and commentary will be a must!

I'm off later today to attend a panel on blogging that coincides with SCAD style. Let's hope it's a good discussion. After work, out with a few friends. Super excited about the day!

Until next post,

PS: thanks to all the lovely people that's been leaving comments! it's a great encouragement to keep posting!

1 comment:

Diya said...

wow congrats that you get to go to this show! I just went to my school's show on thursday night (pics of the show on my blog). I hope you get to meet DvF!!!


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