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Above is a another practice sample done for my Materials and Techniques II class. This time 'round we're focusing on waterbased applications like ink, watercolor, and gouache--all of which are my favorite mediums! Since this is just a practice piece there was no story or concrete idea behind it, but I would say I was thinking about beauty, artificiality, and delicateness.

This week kicked off SCAD Style in Savannah and Atlanta. I attended one panel discussion
thus far and plan to attend more tomorrow and next week. Yesterday's lecture was about retail and design.
The panel consisted of 3 buyers. I felt more annoyed than inspired or informed. They complained about
how their job was the hardest thing in the world and how they wish the whole blogging fad would be over.
Apparently, you have to be a million year old editor that works for a snooty magazine for years to have
true "authority" on fashion. They said lots of bloggers have "passion" but that's just not the same as authority.
As much as I love fashion, I know that it doesn't take a brain scientist to do research on past people,
trends, show, etc. I know, it's getting a little out of hand with the young prodigy blogger buzz, but who's fault is
that? Editors? The explosion of the blogsphere goes hand in hand with the expansion of technology and
how fashion and knowledge is so much more accessible now! They further discussed things of this nature
the iphone was brought up a few times) and .
Overall, I felt the panel was out of touch with the
kind of shoppers that make up the majority of the nation. Not all of us consciously make the decision to
not invest in 3 $10,000 dresses every season! Sometimes stores like H&M and Forever 21 are our designer pieces.

Anywho, if anything annoys or inspires me from any of the other events during SCAD Style, I'll be sure
to post my opinions after. :)

Until next post,


Kathryn said...

I think you make an excellent point. It's true, sometimes brands like H&M or Gap are investments. And I think that's true for most of the population, especially those who fashion magazines, commercials and promotions are aimed at. Girls are going to love that 800 dollar dress in Marie Claire, but buy the knock off version at H&M.

And about the blog stuff, I agree, it doesn't take a scientist to know about fashion. I think it's really absurd that one woman can say what is and isn't fashionable. I think everyone has a valid opinion, and I think the varied responses of fashion bloggers shows that. Especially because they inspire their readers, or should I say their friends. They have a much better connection with the population than a glossy page of text saying 'wear this to look cool'. And in my opinion, could make a much grater impact on the general population.

Faith | Online Poster Printing said...

Great painting for a practice. You just pointed out the sophistication on your work of art. The 3 things you have thought appeared showed it all.

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