I put my new shoes on

My new booties from payless arrived today. I felt this song very appropriate.

I have to say that I've never owned an "edgier" shoe before. Look in my closet and nearly half of my shoes have bows on them! It was time for a change! I was partially inspired to purchase them for the collection I'm currently working on. It's symbolic of my current transition in style. I'm calling it "The Elegant Rebel." Think Karl meets Coco, rough meets delicate, biker chick meets vintage Victorian.

I'm using myself as a model and hoping to actually have 3-4 looks completed before I head back to Sav. I'm hoping I make this goal. Really, really need some new portfolio pieces!

until next post!


*PS* I've been using picnik.com to edit my photos after I read about it on The Stylish Wanderer's blog. It's quite fun and easy to use. I need something to use until my adobe creative suite arrives! Also, I've been posting random things on my tumblog. Check it out if you wish, dears!


Anonymous said...

cool shoes. have fun with it!

eastervictoria said...

If anyone could make edgy look cute, its you!

StyleBrownie said...

yeah babes.. the shoes are edgy. i love it!!

Anonymous said...

i added you to my blogroll. bye

Nubiasnonsense said...

cool shoes. Do you already have utfits planned? lol I would

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