Stopping for directions

first outfit with my new boots! I actually heard "New Shoes" while shopping!
sunnies: U.O. vest: GO International @ Target from a collection forever ago dress: Target boots: Payless belt: thrifted
the moms and I went on a little thrifting adventure today. i needed fabric from the cloth store in "G town" so we hit up a thirft store fav and good ol goodwill. my mother and I have a horrible sense of direction and got lost whilst exploring the towns surrounding. we found our way back. =) wall of colorful scarfs. yummy.

wall of old tvs. photo shoot back drop?

lots of random stuff. really random stuff.
mom and I experimenting with new sunglass looks. fab, no? =)

still busy working on my mini collection and making coffee in between. i'll have updates on the former laterz.

until next post,



Anonymous said...

these pics are awesome and you & your mom look great!

Anonymous said...

your red sunglasses is great. cool combo with the green cloth

Farrah @ Stylecrumbs said...

That first shot is MONEY!! :)


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