Thank you, Christian

image via nymag.com
I'm a fan of Payless shoes. For two reasons a) they're cheap b) they create shoes that actually fit my feet that I actually like to wear.

And, I love when they have designer lines like Abaete or Alice + Olivia.

Therefore: I'm REALLY psyched for Christian Siriano's (Project Runway 4 diva) line to come out next month. He understands us art&design/poor college kids. (http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2008/12/christian_siriano_whethers_the.html)

Can't wait to get my hands on both/either pair of those boots! Those zippers and heels are sweet (and lets hope walkable!).


Anonymous said...

I'm normally not a fan of his fashion - though I always love his confidence - but these look promising. I love the color combo.

Anonymous said...

i was excited when i saw those Siriano shoes on the catwalk too! but unfortunately they were only made for the runway, the shoes he is designing for payless are much more tame...but i think the bootie is up for sale at the moment!

hayley said...

im so so so excited for this collection! i LOVE the brown ones with all the chains.
thanks so much for your sweet comments. you're blog is killer!



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