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Ok dears, I need your help. I've been racking up a few images of things that have inspired some DIY ideas. So, which DIY should I DMS (do myself)? Below are the images. Please tell me what you think!
DiY 1: Dip dye white skinnies. I just bought a pair of white jeans as one of my summer staples. I've wanted to do this to them all along. ;)
Image from 80spurple.com
DiY 2: Cut out back tee. Find an oversized tee and cut it up! image from openingceremony.us
DiY 3: Boatneck t-shirt dress. This will be great to pair with some skinnies. I love an open neckline. image from openingceremony.us
DiY 4: Zipper leg leggings or jeans. I have a pair of jeans that would be great for this, but I've also wanted to try it with leggings.image from 80spurple.com
DiY5: Tie Dye skinnies. Ok, I like skinny jeans a little too much, but this would be fun to do. I'd had a little distress and hardware too.image from netaporter.com
DiY 6: Zipper high waist skirt. This might be a full on sewing project, but rather simple. Very Alexander Wang. I'd make it out of a funky, 80s-esque fabric.image from 80spurple.com


Anonymous said...

Oh, you know how I love zippers, but I think my favorite prospective DIY project is the dip dye white skinnies. And the zipper high waist skirt runs a close second to my fave.

Do you read Lucky? They did a little feature on that sunday brunch dress site you profiled a while ago and those men's shoes you've been lusting after. Maybe they've got your computer bugged ;)

Lauren said...

Leggings are pants...lol. if you're going to do the zipper thing do it to the skinnies. I like the tee shirt dress thingy too, i would like to see that done, you might have to wait on that one until i get home... :)

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