At the end of the quarter, I had to start a new sketchbook with only one collection left to do. Now, with a practically empty sketchbook, I plan to keep filling it with collections. Hopefully by summer's end. To kick it off, I've made some inspiration boards. Random ideas float in my head and I think "Oh! Maybe that could be my next inspiration for a collection!"
Exhibit A: Moodboards 1-4

I must recommend a really awesome sight: ffffound.com (that's 4 F's). It's like being lead down a trail by a friend pulling your hand and you having no idea where you're going--but it's all good! (That could be the most horrible comparision ever, but hopefully you get the picture) One picture leads to the next and so on. This with a little bit o photoshop is perfect for beating "board"om and boredom (haha--cheesy, I know!)
Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the first one! The picture is great and I can just imagine the colors spread across and array of chipper sketches!
and ffffound.com

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