Overdue fines: I've been a bad blogger

Please forgive my forgotten promises of posts past. I promised a post of my thrifted Dior jacket back in April! I also mentioned an online store I really wanted to share. So, no lies, I'm doing both right now!

Below are photos of my Dior jacket. I fell for the military influences and the "I-got-lucky" fit. Forgive the silly pose at the bottom. This was a photoshoot and my roomies and I were trying to be creative.

I can't believe I a) forgot about this site and b) took so long to share with you
a few of my current favorites from the shop

The Sunday Brunch Dress shop is a fresh new spin on shopping. It's specifically dresses and even more precisely, adorable, one-of-a-kind dresses. I think the owner captured just what she's selling with this snip-it from the about page:

"Dresses are like that. No matter how elegant, how timeless, a dress still billows in breezes and swishes in doorways, is always a little different with each wearing and on each person. We don’t dress up to be like someone else, we dress up to be ourselves."

Something else about the shop that I adore is its monthly spotlighting of artists. Each month a new female artist is featured with a bio and images of their work. See all the fabulous illustration work under "Gallery."
The site is so cute and easy to navigate, and the descriptions are witty and informative They go the extra mile to inform you have what you're getting from color to fit. They use "Chuck" (the imaginary shopper) as a gauge of how the dresses fit. And I almost forgot to mention that shipping is FREE! You must visit!

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Anonymous said...

I really don't know if I can forgive you for such bad behavior, but I might have to because I love that site! (and you)

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