I mentioned getting a tattoo in a past post. The more and more I thought about it, I knew I really wanted one. I let the ideas simmer, tried to think of something that has meaningful and in the end 86ed the typical "thing with wings" (thanks roomies). I've decided to go with a seam ripper because it a) symbolizes sewing/fashion b) symbolizes the act of starting over and trying again and c) not many people get seam rippers as tattoos. So, I need a little help with the final design. Which one (or neither)


Anonymous said...

Both designs look great, I love the idea of the seam ripper alone. I think the one on the right might translate better to a tattoo, especially because you want to keep it small. I like the curve in the left design, though. Maybe you can use it in something else like a logo.

Vicky said...

The one on the left seems to be in more of your style. But while I think about it, it gives this cartoonie vibe. The one on the right is clean and simple, and a very nice line design.
As a tattoo, the one on the left would look better on skin. Where as, like Kaitlin said, the one on the left is a wonderful design for a logo.

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