Soiree anyone? Write on!

Street Style pictures from a fancy little soiree put on by some of the Professional Writing majors at SCAD (my roommates a Professional Writing major hence my attendance).

The hostess. She was totally rocking the Audrey Hepburn moment.

A few of my pals! Love the "ray-bans!"

The pattern on her dress was divine.

You can't see the black asymmetrical dress in the back with her pink accessories, but take my word for it, it was cute!

Look! It's me! I managed to include a personal style picture into a post! Yay!

Ok, I so wish I had taken a better photo. Her dress was my favorite! She had these adorable ribbons of childhood (thank you History of Fashion!) in the back.
The weekend had been pretty fab thus far. I got to spend 5 hours Friday watching senior fashion majors get their 6 look final collection critiqued. There's was some pretty amazing stuff that I wish I could share. Fingers crossed I'll get to see the final looks chosen at the fashion show May 16th. Updates until then!
Thanks for reading!

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