It's easy being green as long as you're not the Grinch

Warning: Post a little random due to lack of sleep and eagerness to share information!

Okay, I'm writing a post to prove that I'm alive and have made it through not only 6 weeks of this quarter but nearly 2, count that, 2 years of college...alive!

I wanted to share a cool line of organic t-shirts (hence the title of this post). I was talking with my roomies about wanting a cool, comfy organic tee and I got an email from Generation Love within a few days! I love how you get an edgy, sexy feel from a laidback and eco-friendly staple. Here are a few of my favs: Stud Epaulets are divine!

that low sleeve and super open boat neck are elements I dream of in a t-shirt

that subtle elements like the studs, stitching, length, "not too tight-not to loose" fit make this tee great!

I have another great online store to share with everyone in a near future post.
Personal style posting has been deleted from my life this quarter because I mostly grab and go dress these days. So, I shall go to what's on file. Next post: my Dior jacket!
I finished the prom dress last week! Pictures soon? Maybe.
SCAD fashion show tickets on sale today. They'll be sold out in a snap, er, they are. Hopefully, I'll be volunteering and I will at least see the show from behind the scenes!
Okay, that's about it. Until next post, lovelies!


Kaitlin said...

Ahh! Epaulets, epaulets! My heart is fluttering.

Bridgette said...

I know, right! Ever since we did that project, epaulets excite me more than they should any normal person!

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