Beauty from pain

This is a quickie post to tell you that I will be on a temporary hiatus for the next month or so due to the overwhelming demand of...coursework. Yes, yes, tears, but no worries I shall return and better than ever! No pain, no gain! I do have a few things on "stock" to share. When I get a chance to breath or decide to procrastinate (we all do it, people!) I'll do a post on the quick.
Below I found a photo in I.D. magazine. It's about this fashion designer/stylist's tattoo. Coincidentally, I've planned to get some "ink" with a similar concept after graduation, as sort of a mark of my accomplishments. And trust me, the pain of the tattoo will be nothing compared to the "pain" of 4 years of art school. I know I can get an "Amen!" on that from some of you!

a close up... I really like her meaning behind the tattoo: "the heart stitched with a needle is inspired by eco-feminist thinking, it symbolizes the value I place in feminine traditions." I can relate, but I guess my reasoning is a little more superficial. I just wanted my tattoo to symbolize fashion. I have two more years to think of a better reason.

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