Man, it's dark.

My roomies and I participated in Earth Hour yesterday. From 8:30pm-9:30pm, no lights. We used candles (shush, keep that on the d.l.--it's against dorm rules!) and flashlights and just chillaxed for an hour. A much needed break I was forced to take. Can't say I'm disappointed. =)
Today's post is an outfit post (yeah, I thought its been awhile). I used "special lighting" aka a flashlight during Earth Hour. I decided to dress a little boyish yesterday. I found a feature in Nylon's April 2009 anniversary issue that was a tribute to dressing like a man (this was after I dressed myself for the day). I like the idea of wearing menswear pieces and not adding the super girly touches like lace and bows. Its like saying your so sure of your feminity it wonuldn't matter if you were wearing a men's three piece suit--you're still a super sexy lady! Instead of the "makin' sure you know I'm a chick" accessorizing, I think bringing feminity by a) being a girl (yeah, duh, I know...) b) female tailoring details like princess seams and darts c) subtly girly jewelry--keeping it tres simple.

Ensemble break down: Sweater from Old Navy, Mens Vest from Clothing Warehouse on Broughton St. in Sav town, Belt from A Perfect Find Consignment in Shelby, NC, Mens Pants from Goodwill, Necklace a gift from the 'rents, Sandals (not shown) from Target, Flashlight from Target too =) !

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