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It's nearly 4am and i just can't seem to sleep or write the scholarship essay that's looming in my mind. So, I thought I'd let a bit of my thoughts out in a blog post.
I intended to post my completed dress this past weekend, but had to turn it in before I got the chance to get a photograph. I do hope to have it photographed on an actual person, soon, for my portfolio and to share with you.
Vionnet has been on my mind since we got a shiny new book all about her in the resource room at school. I never really knew much about her designs, but I'm completely enamored now. The image above are two dresses from the Met.
I scored an awesome Dior jacket at Goodwill yesterday. To the cleaners tommorrow and then an outfit post asap!
I'm a little more than kind of excited about my schedule for this coming quarter. I have history of fashion, adv. fashion sketching, and my first illustration class! yay! After two consecutive quarters that require me to sew, I'm ready for a little break from constructing garments (even though, yes, I need as many sewing lessons as possible).
You'll still find me behind a machine because I'm currently working on the construction part of the prom dress I mentioned a while back. My goal is to complete a muslin of the dress before I head back to school Saturday and have it ready for a fitting on the client the following weekend. After that, I have until April 18th to finish the whole deal. Using what I've learned from my apparel class, I'm giving my best darn effort to make this turn out fabulous.
Until next post...


Kaitlin said...

you thrifted a dior? I am major jealous

L. said...

pretty pretty dresses!

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