Happy Birthday, Doll-ing!

Today's Barbie's 50th birthday! She still looks pretty good for her age, but she has had some work done over the years! The image above is from Barbie's blog (yes, she has a blog) alldolldup.typepad.com
The recent hype over the blond bombshell only makes me reminisce about my Barbie-playing days.
A little of why I'm so into fashion today is thanks to Barbie. The make believe world I created enabled me to be who ever I wanted to be, and the toilet paper dresses I made her were million dollar designs.
So here's to the girl who inspired me and many other girls for 50 years and hopes of many more!

Back to my final project. Only three more days! Here's a link to my Computer Arts final: my personal website:
This weekend=a post on my first completed design! yay!

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L. said...

yay for barbie!:)

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