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I spent my spring break at home last week. I was determined to get some RR and catch up on a few things that were pushed to the back burner during the quarter. Well, thrifting was a part of my "relaxation" agenda, I suppose. I decided to hit up one of my fav local consignment shops and two local Goodwills. I found a lot of great things (i.e. that Dior jacket I mentioned!). It wasn't until my last afternoon home that I was driving downtown and found a hidden treasure. It's a new consignment store that opened in September called "Celebrity Consignment." I was in total shock when I walked in to find awesome designer duds...in my little hometown! Seriously, we don't have places like this is Shelby! I scouted out the place and came out with a cute embroidered dress.
The owner told me about a special rack of clothes at the front. The clothes were from the singer/rapper Estelle and fresh in from London. A few H&M and Topshop garments were mixed in with custom things and designer pieces. The clothes are going to be apart of a fashion show this weekend (which sadly I'm missing). I took a few photos of the boutique to share with you below:
The photo is the owner's aunt, a former model.

Because some of the garments are from celebrities, I found some performance worthy pieces (sequins, cropped tops, etc.). There were also lots of great suits and daywear pieces from designers like Armani, Chloe, and Missoni.

The setting was tres classy!

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