Turning another leaf

Today's photo: Earrings made by a friend of mine (Cat Lowery). A Christmas/Birthday present to myself. Symbol of another step of change.
The beginning of the new year approaches. I've obtained every January issue of the best fashion magazines, scoured them for the upcoming trends, dismissed what I found completely absurd, did a little shopping, and got really excited about what's to come in 2009.
I love leafs and leaf motifs in clothing and accessories, but these earrings are my symbol for turning over that new leaf (I know, how "last year!").
For me, that "leaf" is more than the stuff I failed at this year, but more serious efforts toward living more eco-consciously. Eco fashion is out there and I'm determined to spread the word. I'm no where near the poster child for living the most green, but I do TRY.
The most fun and easy way to start: consignment and thrift shopping. Seriously, there's no better feeling than coming home with a treasure that, with or without a few alterations, can be your next great look. I have consignment shop finds that I would have paid store price for but got away with a $2.50 price tag!
Be good! Be green!

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