Today's pic is from one of my most admired artists, Laura Laine. I found her searching the Internet one lonely day, and fell madly in love with her illustrating style (One of my drawing tools of choice is graphite). I chose this photo for a few purposes (other than its sheer amazing-ness). One reason being: it's my inspiration to get, well, inspired. The figure's fierce look into the distance, as if spotting her enemy, is exactly what I'm metaphorically doing at this time in my life. I know what I want to do (spotted: a career in the fashion business, my published illustrations, & a fabulous clothing line) and now I have to pick up my bow and arrow and fire. Hope this inspires you guys as much as it does me! Until next post!
*side, well, bottom note: I have a camera and I'm back in Sav! That means, new
street style pics to come!!

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