This is just a quick post to share with you

a) my excitement: okay! I'm so excited for tommorrow! Fashion Week!!

b) a street style illustration
illustration by moi


c) an upcoming project related to Fashion Week:
The project: I'm working on creating a line up (or 2) of fashion sketches for a scholarship gala in Atlanta due in March. The snazzy peeps of Atlanta come see the show, buy art, and the money goes to SCAD scholarships.
The Fashion Week part: I'll be checking daily for the reviews of the fabulousness seen in the tents and pick some looks from 1 or 2 of my favorite Fall collections to illustrate for the project! Updates? You'll get 'em!

photo from Style.com

1 comment:

eastervictoria said...

Great sketches - as usual!
Have fun with Fashion Week :)

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