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I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but, I have decided to set my career goals in the realm of eco-fashion. I might not exactly be the poster child for a green life. Yet, the idea that something I plan to do for a living effects so many people and has such long-lasting effects makes me eager to be involved in environmentally conscious fashion (I've found that the fashion industry can be fast-paced, cut throat, and resultingly, quite wasteful).
I want to work for (and eventually create) a business that's rooted in fair trade practices and creates garments that are sustainable.
I initially had different plans for this post. I was going to cover my favorites from London Fashion Week. Instead, I chose to share with you the amazingly talented green designers that are moving fashion forward with fresh ideas sartorially and economically. Many designers had a chance to show their Spring 2010 collections at the GreenShows during New York Fashion Week! Below are a few of the inspiring looks that could have easily been shown in Bryant Park.
images via treehugger.com Gorgeous and sustainable look from Van Markoviec's Spring 2010 collection

Hand weaved (!) look from designer Tara St.James for the Study by Tara St.James Spring 2010 collection

Look from San Fran based Mr.Larkin label

Lara Miller Spring 2010

Bahar Shahpar Spring 2010

These designers prove that eco-fashion can be chic and cutting edge. An internship with any of the designers would be a dream!

On a related inspirational note: designer Tara St.James made it to fashion week thanks to the help of supporters. Check out the sweet video she made:

The Square Project from Jesse Benjamin on Vimeo.

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The vid was totes cute and I LOVE the Mr. Larkin jacket!

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