dressing the part

I was in and out of meetings and work today. One meeting was held to introduce all fashion students at SCAD to the new dean of what is now the School of Fashion (no longer a mere department of the school of design). Dean Fink spoke about the things we should be doing as fashion students and how the program is there to help. One thing he touched on was dress code. (few students in the department know that we actually have a written code!). No tshirt, jean, flip-flop ensembles--dress like you're a fashion student! Experiment! And, yes, we all have our bad days, but put forth the effort people!
Blake, here, has it right!
(sorry for all the !s. :/)

The dean wants us to make Savannah one of the best dressed cities.
I'm down with that.
Fellow fashionizers: I'll meet you on Broughton!
Have a fantastic and fashion-filled weekend!

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Blake said...

Love it!!!

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