Body Idol

As a designer, I not only think about the clothes I want to make and sell, but the women I imagine wearing them. From a celebrity angle, I would love to dress Jordin Sparks. She shows confidence and embraces her curvaceous figure. It's women like Sparks, that aren't model thin or plus size, that need more attention from the fashion world. As a "stuck-in-the-middle" girl myself, I know the troubles of finding clothes or looking at a model in a magazine and trying to warp the size "-0" she's wearing into something that might possibly work for me. There's so many women out there with unique body types and fashion needs. It's refreshing to see more and more women like Jordin Sparks not pressured by fame to be another stick thin pop singer (and more campaigns that are doing the same: Dove). Not to mention, I'm sure we'd be a perfect model-muse & designer pair with her love for asymmetry, zippers, form-fitting and flowy dresses!





I couldn't find any images of what she wore in the "Battlefield" video, but you should definitely check it out: http://www.mtv.com/videos/jordin-sparks/397240/battlefield.jhtml

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