Chocolate Goodies

Today I finished a skirt that I've been meaning to finish for quite awhile. Initially, it was just the brown fabric. Then, I found the silver belt-like yardage at a yard sale. I thought to myself: "If a top with an embellished neckline allows a women not to worry about accessorizing, then I want a skirt that does the same, with my personal favorite accessory--the high-waisted belt." So, here it is. I call it the "Chocolate Kiss" skirt--for obvious reasons. Hope, you find it scrumptious too! Finally received a book I preordered a few months ago. 100 Girls on Cheap Paper is a collection of works by one of my favorite illustrators, Tina Berning. I discovered her a few months ago after needing to use an illustrator's style for a fashion sketching assignment (The croquis in my header was done in Berning style). The minimal technique she uses relays so exquisitely, even on "cheap paper." Below are a couple of great pieces from the book.
Tomorrow, I have a small fabric run to do for my internship and then I'm off to Savannah for a weekend with my girls! I hope to have some street style and personal style pictures to share upon my return!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Anonymous said...

yum, that skirt is delish!

eastervictoria said...

I adore the skirt!

Dallas Shaw said...

this book looks great, where di you grab it?


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