Granny and Gramps, can I borrow a thing or two?

Today's look is inspired by dressing in clothes that look like they came fresh out of the grand 'rents closet. The skirt adds a little twist.
And to get back on track with things, I'm posting a sketch of a collection I'm currently working on. It's for the "Duck and Cover" collection moodboard from a post awhile back.

Coming up this week I'll have summer playlist 2 post, something I've *gasp* sewn, and more sketches.
Hope every one's summer is marvelous!
shirt -thrifted, skirt-target, shoes-thrifted, belt-thrifted


Spandexpony said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the universe... ;) love your blouse! PS-- it's cool you're going to SCAD; it's one of the places I'm considering going for grad school (in their design management program).

Bridgette said...

that's awesome! SCAD's great! thanks for checking out my blog! =)

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