Summer Project 1

While shopping with some of my roommates, I found a really cute dress. One of those dresses that one thinks, "this is so me! it's too adorable to pass up. I must have it!" Then, the fitting room happened. The cut just wasn't for me. So, I decided to snap a photo and use the dress as inspiration for a maxi dress I will (oh yes, I WILL!) complete by summer's end. Hopefully, it'll be finished before then so I can actually wear it, but I want to give myself plenty of time so that it doesn't end up in the "I'll finish that later when I have mad sewing skills" pile. I want to

a) lengthen it to a maxi length

b) find similar fabric: cotton under dress with lace overlay and

c) maybe even do an ombre dye.

To all that read this and my loyal followers (hehe): you are my witnesses and my accountability. You shall see a post in weeks to come!

Ending note: This is my 1ooth post!!!! Yee-ahhhh!
Next goal: 100 comments?
Thanks to all that have read and will read my blogity-blog. Much love!

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