Summer has arrived. A much needed break from the incessant work load at school. The way I'll be passing the time for the next three months will include making coffee and smoothies (meaning: being a barista @ my local coffeeshop), sketching my heart out (meaning: designing and drawing exactly what I want for a change), sporatic trips to see friends (meaning: well, just that), and the usual daydreaming in between.
Since I'm back home with little opportunity to photograph street style, I'll be gearing my posts to musings and weekly posts of collections and sketches. I have a list of goals and "an accountability partner" to see that I stay on track. The hot days are known to make me fall short of my intentions sometimes.
To start off, I wanted to do an analysis of past work and present. I feel that I've grown tremendously over this past year as an artist and designer. To show you what I mean, below are 3 sketches from 2006 (my sohomore or junior year of high school) and 3 sketches from this past quarter.

Here's to continued growth and to my fellow artists/designers. To keep me going this summer, my theme song is "Creator" by Santogold. It gets me pumped and reminds me of what I am or hope to be.

"Me, I'm a Creator /Thrill is to make it up /The rules I break got me a place Up on the radar/Me, I'm a Taker/ Know what the stakes are/ Can't roll it back, it's understood/ Got to play our cards"

If you're a fan of Santogold, good music, and Nylon than I recommend (or rather insist) that you a) pick up the July 09 copy of Nylon and b) go to nylonmag.com/itunes to download a 22 song playlist of groovy artists including Santogold. Oh yes, it's free loves!


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Anonymous said...

Awesome sketches as usual! I really like the way you sketch your faces past and present. I'm definitely taking a look at nylon - free music = a-mah-zing!

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