Weather, you like it or not. I'll wear what I want!

Today's post involves a street style photo from a while back. It sorta got lost in my files. I was a bit timid at posting it today--at first. I asked myself why and discovered my reasoning behind it was the same for how I post street style on most days. The weather seems to be at the root of my decisions. For this image, I thought the look was too "fall" for the beautiful spring-like day we're having in Savannah today.

After a little contemplation, I thought of a book I read in high school about French women's style. Each glossy picture of an effortlessly, well-dressed woman had a facing page that described how they go about achieving such fabulous looks. One I remember most: They dress how they want with no regard for the weather.

So, in the same spirit, I say wear what you want and be inspired by more than just the weather. I, too, feel the necessity to apply this and a few other French style concepts to my daily outfit decision making.

The way I see it: The weatherman's job involves meteorology and storm tracking and such. He's hardly qualified to be your personal stylist too!

I love loose silhouettes like this with just a few layers to make it look easy going yet put together. It's great how her hair and the cup sleeve coordinate with her dress!

A little update on my dress:

the fabric...

the inspiration...

and a glimpse of the design.


Syd said...

Hey Bridgette! It's Sydney! :D

Just stopping by your blog! It's so cute.

Bridgette said...

thanks Sydney!

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