Oh the envy...pieces I want NOW!

So, I thought I'd try a bit of a different post today.
I spend a lot of time, daily, looking at clothes online, in magazines, on people, etc. and thought I'd let some of my current obsessions leave my head for a while.

Ok, suddenly, as if by The Fashion Forces (Why yes, there are Fashion Forces. You didn’t know?) the fixation with one shoulder garments has over taken me. Exhibit A: I love, love, love this Stella McCartney number. The color, the drape, that shoulder! My roomies and I have been searching for cocktail dresses for one of my roommate’s 21st birthday parties. It would a dream to wear this dress!

I’m also diggin’ this Alexander McQueen number. I can’t help but be overtaken with bliss when I see a perfectly done asymmetrical number such as this.

On a more casual note: This look on Mischa Barton (pic a la fabsugar.com) is exactly what I want right now. I’m contemplating making a blouse similar to this… if the time ever allows.

This jumpsuit also caught my attention. I never really wanted to wear a jumpsuit before but this one is just done RIGHT. No rap guy’s girlfriend or sanitation worker looks goin’ on here! The color is parfait and that detail in the back is killer!

Pieces avaliable via net-a-porter.com for those with the moo-lah. My suggestion, use the looks as inspiration for your own design or find similar pieces at your favorite thrift store or boutique.

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