Daily Garb

It's time. Oh yes, it is time. Here--now--today. My first official outfit post.

I was going to wait until February 9 because it's the anniversary of when I did my "first style scavenger hunt," but I'll still have something special for then too. ;D Any who, without further ado....voila:

Dress: Merona (Target), Sweater: who knows?, Tights: Simply Vera (Kohls), Boots: Matisse a la Monkees boutique in Savannah, Bracelet: gift from grams

On a similar note: I've been thinking a lot about style. What does it mean to have it and why do we want it so bad. Letting that simmer a bit in my noggin led me to the thought that we all have style--we've gotta have it. Style is personal. It defines us in everything we do, not just fashion. It's trendy or popular style that graces the glossy pages of fashion magazines and creates the thoughts that one must look like that. Well, so be it if we don't look like that. We want our OWN style! Trendy or not, dress the way you want. Your clothing can be your shiny armor against the nay-sayers or the dull camo (eek) that blends you right in with the rest. I've decided to put on my armor. ; )


Anonymous said...

Ahh, this is exciting! I can't wait to see what you'll bring out for your blog b-day. I found this fashion blogging site you might be interested in - independentfashionbloggers.org

Bridgette said...

Thanks! I'm already a member of independent fashion bloggers. the site's great!

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