New Direction

Ok, it's been far too long. I NEED to post!! I've given up on my camera situation (*fingers crossed* come on Santa!), but I have decided I still have things to say about fashion. So, until I find means to and find fashionistas to snap pics of, I'll be posting things that inspire me, my fashion journey, and some of my own work. Today's picture is fashion illustration by Erin Petson and is representative of where my head's at now. For me, it's about tying fashion with nature and thinking seriously about eco fashion. This is in part to SCAD Fashion Haus' upcoming issue of *insert name here* (we're still deciding) magazine. The theme being, "social conciousness." Also, the season of giving being now, I've decided to redefine my usually gifting habits and go for a gift that can be shared with many by donating to organizations. Here's a few I've checked out:


Take a look see for ya self!

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