The two images below, really have little to do with one another, other than the fact that they're my last two photos from my one day trip to Chicago. I didn't plan on them being the last, but then again, the poses make them appropriately paired. I decided to capture what turned out to be two different fashion views and therefore varying views toward the day at hand. The top photo shows a more "on-the-go mom" look that is versatile and weather appropriate yet all the same subtlely style concious. The bottom look (minus the bad fit of the shorts) shows a more "glamed" up look. Personally, I wouldn't dream of shopping in heels. The color palette is what caught my eye here.

As for my own life, I await departure back to Savannah and back to school life. I leave in 6 days and find myself rushing to do a million little things until then. I'm filled with the same anxious feeling I had as a grade school student the night before a field trip. I'm so exited for the upcoming year! Hurricanes threaten my move in day, but God willing, things will go well. I hope to find myself with a repaired (or new) camera within a few weeks and snapping photos of Savannah's most creatively dressed! Until then!

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