almost jaded

Since the debut of the Chanel Fall 09 collection, I've been jonesin' for some of the refreshingly beautiful nail polish the models wore in the show.
Well, I got pretty darn close to the shade with my recent find from deLiA*s. Their shade is called "Mint" and Chanel's is "Jade" (it has a bit
more blue). It's the closest I've been able to get my hands on for less than 5
bucks! If you ask me, it's the must have nail shade of the season!

In other news...I'm currently working on the project for the scholarship gala. I'm running close to the deadline, but I hope to have it finished and fabulous in time!
The collection I decided to go with wasn't one of the three I was debating over. Instead, I chose to illustrate 5 looks from Alexander Mcqueen's final collection. It's sort of my tribute to his genius and the beauty that he left behind. He believed in breaking the rules and creating pieces that were more than clothes or garments and that's, and I greatly admire that.

Chanel Fall 09 runway detail

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