Dirty Laundry

a sketch from a night of doing laundry with my mom

thumbnails: the evolution

Change and evolution: it's all apart of life. A fact we all come to learn whether it be willingly or not. Lately, for me"change" keeps showing its precious little face.

The image of the "laundress" from above is just something from a month or so back I felt like sharing. I try and make a point to look back through old sketchbooks regularly to see how the things I draw have changed.

The image below is an example the very evolution I speak of. One of the biggest transitions I'm currently undergoing is the switch from fashion designer to, not necessarily fashion illustrator (yet), but illustrator. There are the obvious changes, like in my thumbnails. I consider them both thumbnails but they're quite different from one another. I've find myself still thinking about composition, but instead of on the body, on the page. The details still matter: not closures and seams but props and subtle symbolism. The smaller changes aren't as drastic or evident, I actually feel that a lot of what I've learned in my fashion courses translate into how I think creatively and interpret things, just in a different medium.

I'm still happy with my switch of majors and with registration coming up in a couple of weeks, it's about to get real official. As in, no looking back, I'll be pursuing a career as an illustrator when I graduate.

Amongst this and the other things in life that happen to evolve when you become a 20-something (eek), I continue to re-approach my outlook at the world. Never being one for the same ol same ol (a reason the fashion industry appeals to me), I like to create little mantras to put things in my mangled mind into perspective. The most recent applies to my art and equally to my life:

Make it beautiful; make it mean something.

Until next post loves,

PS: currently listening to the new Corinne Bailey Rae album, "The Sea." It's amazing, but don't take my word for it: http://www.corinnebaileyrae.net/


Anonymous said...

love the sketch. So exciting that your major's about to be official! You'll do great.

CLM said...

great blog, love the sketch! i am now following please feel free to follow back :)

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