Hanging Mannequins

a doodle-e-doo inspired by the mannequins in my apparel II classroom.

I didn't intend to have an underlying morbid meaning in this drawing, but I think it's inevitable that it has one. Instead, I meant to symbolize my act of hanging up design for a while to focus on illustration. For those of you that don't know: I've officially changed my major to Illustration. Yet, I wouldn't dream of giving up fashion. I have a minor in fashion (I lack one class to complete it) and, as I always have, will be drawn to and in love with the sartorial. I still want to design--terribly so, but I've made the decision to cultivate my illustrator-side and to see where that takes me. My goal is to do fashion illustration of some sort, but illustration has so many avenues and I'm making myself open to where it takes me. I hope those that read my blog, continue to follow. I'll be posting the same things: inspiration, outfit posts, creations of mine, etc with hopes to showcase more of my illustration work.

Happy Holidays!
Until next post,


lorenabr said...

That looks great :)like your illustrations, wish you a great Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Your doodle is great though my doodles are stick figures

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