Oh, cut it out!

Allo! It's been a few days, yes, since my last post, but I promise with various good reasons...

I did a little t-shirt DIY today and yesterday. I'm still in the process of tye-dying my black skinnies... I'm being a little meticulous about the design and I've ran into a few supply problems (Mom actually had to use the bleach to do the whites).

I have photos from a little party I attended last Saturday. I made a dress for it (a big reason for my hiatus from the blogosphere) Photos up (hopefully) 'morrows!

I love the feeling of exposing just the right amount of skin. It wasn't until I read this article from Refinery29.com that I found myself DIYing a trend. I personally adored this jersey dress from Sophomore.

image from shopacrimony.com

Speaking of trends, I MUST acquire myself a pair of stay-ups. See why here!

I hope everyone's enjoying their summer. Until next post! B


emma said...

oh wow I wish I could sew. I'd love to make these sorts of items.

Lve the fashion kiwi

Anonymous said...

loving these shots
thanks for sharing!

check out my blog @

Vicky said...

love the shirt B! very edgy! Bring it with...

Bridgette said...

awww, thanks for the love all! =)

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