Summer Project Update

Just a little update on my summer maxi dress. I've started by searching for the right fabrics. I just received samples for the under dress in the mail today. I have a few decisions to make but I'm leaning toward the softest, lightest fabric--all organic cotton of course! Next, to find the perfect cotton lace overlay.
I'll be posting a few sneak peeks of some sketches for the dress soon!
Until then!


Anonymous said...

All those fabrics look so soft! I'm sure any one of them would work. Are you going to dip dye it?

Bridgette said...

Yes, I plan to do the ombre dye. That's why I'm only looking at natural or white colored fabrics (plus I don't have to worry about color matching!).
All of them are sooo soft! I think I'm going to go with the lighter weight jersey or a medium. I want it to be light for summer, but not so sheer I have to worry about what to wear under it!

Anonymous said...

it sounds great!

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