Harold...You can't let the world judge you too much

At the end of a long (and I mean 24 hour plus long) day I like to have some phrase floating about in my head as a bit of encouragement to keep moving on. Recently, my obsession with Harold and Maude has resurfaced, and the little mantra on my mind is a few of the great lines that Maude says throughout the movie (as well as those good ol' Cat Stevens songs).
So, without care to the world's judgment I want to share a few things on my mind and a glimpse into my Harold and Maude menswear collection from my Advanced Fashion Sketching class. Enjoy!

I want to have a portrait of myself done with an illustrated background and paper dresses. This photo from Another Magazine Issue 16 is close to what have pondered it might look like.

I'm dying for a pair of cute brogues. Inspired by menswear but slim and wide opening like this. Metallic or purple ones would be a plus!


My first menswear collection inspired by the movie Harold and Maude (just a few scans of the research, fabrics, and croquis)

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