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today turned out to be a fab-o day for yours truly. one reason, my interview for USA fashionistas on modepass was published today! Check it out: http://flair.modepass.com/usa/bblant20s-interviewlinterview-de-bblant20/
(If you don't have a modepass account, I encourage you to get one! it's like a French Fashion Facebook. Way fun! Just go to modepass.com)
I noticed that I need to do a some more style searching--asap! I had a few pictures on file, but they look to cold weather-y and with the golden day we had today, it just wouldn't be right to post them. So instead, a little bit of V-day inspiration.
This is the window display at a favorite shop of mine on Broughton St: The Paris Market. It was way too adorable to pass up even when I'm a little bitter toward the upcoming holiday.

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Toothache and Vinyl said...

i checked out the link...great drawings

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