Back on the Street: Black and Studded

Finally! I'm back to style scouting! My first "find" of the new year: this lovely edgy meets earthy stylista. I adore the gold leaf earrings (earthy) paired with her laced up boots (edgy) [click it; get a closer look]. The contrast is perfectly pulled together with the cute but simple studded t-shirt dress. Side note: The necklace is actually from the boutique I snapped the photo of her in: Zia boutique on Broughton Street.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back to bloging and this post is spot on. The Zia necklace is a mix of earthy and edgy with the warm colour chains tied in a loose knot. The dark brown boots are interesting; the boots themselves are edgy, while the color adds an earthiness.

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