Show Offs: SCAD Senior Fashion Show 2008

I didn't get to attend the show, but caught some great looks before the big event.
It's evident that this superbly clad troupe thought about it all: color, texture, and silhouette!
The colors are great in this dress. Even her belt can't help but applaud her! One of my absolute favs of the night! What a perfect trio! I really find the look on the right with the sunglasses, shoes, and skirt a splendid take on the 50s. Could it possibly be a tribute to a famous Dior look?

Proenza Schouler? The detail at the top and the color caught my eye.

I really like the clean simplicity of this look. She appears glamourous without a fuss.

Such a sweet ensemble. The butterfly print, sheer fabric, and simple accessories conjoure up a playful, childlike mood, but her bag and shoes make it grown up.

Quite a few ensembles emphasized the back. Below are a few examples of looks that would have anyone wanting to look over their shoulder!

Details can make or break an outfit. I nearly overlooked the fact that they were wearing jeans with such well done vest and blazer combos.

I saw two seersucker suits tonight and found this one to be the better take. Keeping the palette cleaner gives the look a casual, cool look opposed to a more pretentious take I saw before. I also fancied the woman's play with complementary color.

Hard to see but another great example of back detailing.

Shoes were a big show stealer!

I really liked seeing a nice print given proper credit and not distastefully done. The patent red flats pull out the small hint of red from the dress and the belt it minimal and gives her shape. Her guy is equally minimal and plays up contrast with a dark tie and white shirt.

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