Green is In: Looks from the Earth Day Festival in Forsyth Park

Green is the new black and, with festivals like today, the idea of eco-friendliness is getting a lot more stylish. The day was parfait for a festival honoring the earth with warm weather and sunny skies. Summer dresses and Chucks seemed to be the trend along with green. I saw lots of awesome t-shirts with sayings like, "Green is hot" or, my favorite, "Be eco-friendly, wear a dirty shirt" (complete with faux stains—I hope.)

The event and sartorial searching got me to thinking about the idea of organic and eco-friendly clothing. Magazines like Vanity Fair have published their green issues with photos of celebrities, activist stories, and spreads full of planet-saving (and stylish) fashion options. The catch of course is the prices. The idea of being environmentally conscious and uber-chic is great, but without a lot of cash, it's just a really great idea.
The idea is getting out though, and organic cotton tees are the dernier cri. They're Available at places like Target and American Apparel for fair prices. I also found some tips for "greening" one's closet from a site recommended by a friend. Check it out at: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/11/how_to_green_yo_12.php

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