mod about outerwear

This woman's jacket really caught my attention. I was riding my bike, glanced to the sidewalk, and saw the amazing collar (and closer examination clarified its futuristic & organic details)--I knew I needed to snap a photo of that look. Of course, I was going in a different direction, but with swift legs and the help of my wonderful roommate, I managed to catch up with her and her groovy cover-up. Not to mention: she made it herself!

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Nyssa Benthin said...

I am sorry I took so long to comment, I was shy, X3 I am glad you liked my jacket, thank you for the kind words! I made it's design based on a coat worn by a very obscure character in a animated show I like. It took a lot of work to make. Thanks again and good luck with your blog! It's so cute seeing all the different clothes!

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