minty fresh

Well, today I intended on posting a photo of a girl in a refreshing lavender t-shirt dress, but as soon as I pressed the shutter button, my camera died. In sadness, I thanked the girl anyway and walked to Starbucks to mourn the death of my camera battery and my brain (as it never seems to be working when I need it to i.e. remembering to charge my battery). Afterward, on my way down Broughton St., I found a cute new clothing shop that I thought I should share with you guys. Mint Boutique has moved its location to Broughton and is actually still in the process. The owner didn't have much out, but still welcomed my roommate and I in to browse what she did have out. There were lots of darling silk dresses, suave jackets, and an adorable cotton lbd (little black dress) that I personally loved!

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