Fashionable Friends

This duo has so many great things going on in their look! I love the mix of colors and patterns in the outfit of the girl to the left. Flat boots are everywhere this winter, and the girl on the right has the easygoing denim and boots look pegged with her light caramel suede boots. I adore her surprise of lemon yellow in her sunglasses too: a nice compliment to today's fair weather.

Big hobo bags are everywhere! I love the fresh red color of the girl's on the right and the relaxed feel both bags give their looks. Sandals and scarfs are the mark of a true fashionista. Like a favorite book of mine, French Style says, a chic French woman has no regard for weather: she wears what looks hip and stylish.
The girl on the left has me crazy over her boots. I love the dark amber color and how they can be easily paired for day (like she has) or with a cute dress for night.

The guy in the middle catchs your attention from the start, but closer examination finds he's just the leader of a stylish clan. I find his yellow jeans a nice choice for today's spring-like day, and his gray boots are chic yet subtle enough to leave the spotlight on the sunshine pants.
Tees and jeans are staples, but these guys' additions--a multi-colored vest,v-neckline, & graphics--give them a refreshing retake.

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